Attaching Oiler Control Wires:

There were several variations of oil pump cam shaft control levers used on the 45” twins throughout the years. Cam shaft control lever #711-29 was used in 1929, #712-30A in 1930 & 1931, and #712-32 in 1932 & 1933. Control lever #711-29 and lever #712-30A both use a brass casting to attach the control wire and look almost identical with the exception of control wire screw holes. Control lever #712-32 looks quite different using a tubular shape piece of steel to attach the wire which is also missing control wire screw holes.

For control levers with screw holes, the means to attach the control wire is obvious, but for the levers without screw holes, we must devise a method for attaching the control wire.

To attach the oiler control wire to the control lever, the factory used a small metal tube that slipped over the control wire ahead of the control lever and was crimped onto the wire. Behind the control lever was a spring and an adjustable stop collar. Although none of these parts appear in any spare parts books, they can clearly be seen in most rider’s hand books from the same period.

When the throttle control spiral is twisted toward the rider, it “pushes” the control wire to deliver more oil. When the spiral is twisted away from the rider, it “pulls” the control wire to deliver less oil. With the stop collars and spring oriented as shown above, the control wire is prevented from sliding loose of the second collar when the spiral is fully twisted away from the rider. It was not until 1934 that the oil pumps were fitted with a safety return spring that would move the adjusting plate to the fully open position in the event the control wire became disconnected. Before the oiler control wire can be adjusted, the throttle control wire must first be adjusted. With the throttle control wire adjusted, close the throttle spiral all the way. Rotate the oiler control lever clockwise until it stops, slide the left stop collar along the oiler control wire until it stops against the control lever and tighten. Next, install the spring and second stop collar.

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